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Our expertise
Alkris is licensed for and specializes in the various fields of investigative and surveillance services:

  • Insurance fraud
  • Counter-expertise (your counter-investigation)
  • Company investigation on suspicion of fraud
  • Investigation of misappropriation of funds, theft and fraud
  • Investigation of sabotage-, espionage- and competition cases
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Interim security management
  • Personnel Integrity improvement
  • Company espionage
  • Establishing the evidence of and counteracting blackmail
  • Investigation of (unjustified) absence
  • Dismissal cases
  • Debt collection assignments
  • Checking of people and goods (for example fieldworkers, load and consignment notes)
  • Collection of evidence in reference to criminal and civil court procedures (such as violence or sexual offence)
  • Interrogation of the individuals involved (suspects and witnesses)
  • Authenticity verification of documents (for example diplomas, letters of reference, invoices and agreements)
  • Trial purchases
  • Advice on company's surveillance
  • Tracking person, goods and companies
  • Persons or goods observation
  • Detection of bugging devices
  • Forensic research
  • Missed goods investigation
  • Information cases
  • Advice on prevention
  • Advice on detention
  • Security and surveillance of goods, buildings and premises
  • Alimony cases
  • Security check on partners
  • This is just a small section of our knowledge and expertise fields. Feel free to consult us in reference with other cases not mentioned above.

Excellent cooperation
In some cases investigation requires that we enlist professional help outside the Alkris team. Hereby we make heavy demands on the competency and licensing of such colleagues so that our clients are assured of quality and integrity of investigation at all times.
Technology - track and tracing - missing persons and goods
Not only due to many years of extensive experience but also due to the latest achievements in the field of innovative technology in reference with detection, investigation and observation, we always keep our services up-to-date. We know better than many others what kind of technological devices are available and to be utilized. With us you really are part of progress !! Tracing - tracking simcard in phone, smartphone, laptop or other device is mostly not a problem as long as the device is in use. So it is therefore important to contact us quickly !
Transparent results
During the inquiry we keep in constant contact with you as our client. This can be via the telephone or via personal conversation. At your request we can also provide interim reports. At the end of our investigation we provide you with the final report including our findings and recommendations. If upon the completion of our investigation it seems that the client is recommended to report to the police, Alkris can overtake this and present the findings to the authorities involved. If it is your preference, and you give us permission to do so, it is also possible that we present your whole case-report to the involved authorities.
Our investigation costs are structurally transparent. Due to our extensive experience we can always provide you with realistic evaluation of forthcoming final costs. It is also possible to make clear agreements with regards to budget limits so that your budgeting is not jeopardized. You are always in control.
Always available
While you continuously struggle with reaching others, we are always available, 24 hours per day! With our knowledge and extensive experience we would be happy to provide you best service. Don't hesitate to contact us.
Your case is in safe hands
Alkris meets all the requirements put forward by the Ministry of Justice and is licensed with POB620 (Detective investigation) and ND 1001 (Security) permits. Alkris is also registered with the College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens, no. 1101287.
Contact us : or call Mob. +31.6557.38188

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FunctietitelCompliance Officer
Indicatie salaris (min – max]onbekend – onbekend
Aantal uren (min – max)1 – 40
Contactgegevensonbekend , onbekend onbekend
Type contractVast
BrancheJuridische dienstverlening
LocatieAalten, Gelderland,Nederland
Soliciteer direct

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